The Leap of LEOPARDËT: Born, Bred and Raised in America



                                                           We are excited to introduce our new LËO | FELINË COLLECTION

Founded in San Diego, CA -- We are LEOPARDËT, an authentic American fashion brand. We value the importance of stitching the majority of our products' neckline with "Made in America" white woven labels, employing American companies and adding to the development of the rising fashion industry in the USA. The majority of our products are fashioned within the United States and every day we strive to increase our merchandise to 100% USA production. 

We aspire to provide Americans sophisticated fashion choices through our LËO & FELINË COLLECTION and the lookbook story. The word fashion is not necessarily characterized by a model walking down a runway with vibrant make up, bizarre hair, and an avant-garde outfit. Fashion can be expressed by a FELINË (woman) that knows how to rock a pair of heels, black pants, and an elegant black v-neck. Or in the case of a LËO (man), a polish boots, black fitted pants,  a black crewneck, and a snapback.

This is millennial fashion.

Our brand offers unique fashionable merchandise, and by fashionable we mean a casual elegance that will implement confidence in your everyday look.

The LËO & FELINË COLLECTION is inspired by the fashionable California lifestyle and the compelling streets of Del Mar and La Jolla, we bring a variety of fashion forward products that you could sport for a variety of occasions; be it going for a cup of coffee, heading into the office or celebrating with friends. Our line embodies the epitome of casual elegance, showcasing how to dress up by adding the perfect touch of uniqueness to our products.



#SupportUSAfashion and be a part of the #leapmovement.

The time is now for American fashion.

   by @AlanaEastling 

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