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Over the past few decades US designers have been outsourcing, offshoring and diminishing the integrity of the American Brand. Approximately 2% of the clothing sold in the U.S. is manufactured domestically. In 1980 that number was 80%.

 Fashion giants have been controlling the market by using cheap labor in developing countries making it difficult for small brands to enter the market. We want to put a stop to this and disrupt a long standing market that chooses profit over people by establishing a brand with authentic values, handsome style, and young talent.   

 We want to bring the American Brand back to the United States!

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At LEOPARDËT we aspire to provide men and women with sophisticated choices through our domestically made clothing. Fashion should not be exclusively characterized by the vibrant make up, bizarre hairstyles, and avant-garde outfits you see on models walking down the runway. Fashion is a woman confidently rocking a t-shirt with subtle elegance and a tall pair of heels. Fashion is a man sporting a fitted v-neck with a contrasted neck line and polished pair of boots.

We want to create a timeless brand for young millennials by offering stylish fashionable pieces composed of minimalist styles in which you can be spotted and stand out in the crowd.

Join #theleap to support our movement and take the leap into American made fashion with LEOPARDET. Together we can bring fashion back to America.The Crew at River View Golf Course

 About the Designer // Founder

LEOPARDËT was founded by Ari Jogiel in 2015. Ari's love for fashion developed at an early age, being raised in a Mexican-Jewish community where clothing, name brands, and style flourished. At age 12, he moved from Mexico City to the small town of Sterling.

Ari quickly became enamored with American culture revolving around sports, music, entertainment, and fashion. After studying Business Administration at Chapman University and working several jobs, Ari combined his dreams, passion, and love for fashion to start an American Fashion Brand, one that would enhance the way people dress and would help bring jobs to America by being "American Made".


















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